Central High School Guidance Department

402 Main St., Corinth, ME 04427     Phone: (207) 285-3326/Fax (207) 285-4342

The goal of the CHS Guidance Department is to provide academic, career, college access, and personal competencies to each student reflected by the American School Counseling Association guidelines. There is one full-time counselor and one half-time counselor in the department who assist students and parents as they work through the college placement, financial aid, and career process. Throughout the school year, counselors spend much of their time assisting students and parents with academic placement and progress towards graduation and future career plans through the technical schools and/or college options. Parents and students are kept informed through quarterly guidance newsletters and counselors strongly encourage parents to keep communications open by calling or e-mailing counselors.

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Guidance Department

Mr. Cowie

Guidance Counselor, Students A-H
(207) 285-3326

Mrs. Goodwin

Guidance Secretary
(207) 285-3326

Ms. Lane

Guidance Counselor, Students I-Z
(207) 285-3326