Third Quarter Honor Roll

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Class of 2019

High Honors: Annie Clukey, Dylan Ham, Megan Kelley, Erika Mitchell, Sierra Pennington, Kyle Watson, Danielle Williams, Alexis Withee

Honors: Kaitlyn Bailey, Jacob Bean, Jadzia Belanger, Brianna Butler, Shyra Call, Alyse Campbell, Tyler Collins, Joseph Cormier, Emily Cunningham, James Doucette, Brandon Dow, Faith Fugel, Vidya Gilley, Cassidy Gray, Brandon Green, Bryce Green, Victoria Hallett, Josiah Lyons, Riese Mansfield, Bryant McLeod, Cody Norris, Blake Oliver, Luke Preble, Alexis Reardon, Isaac Rollins, Gabriel Shaw, Madison Speed, Ian Wright

Class of 2020

High Honors: Parker Michaels, Jovana Philbrick, Kate Withee

Honors: Natalie Bickerstaff, Abigail Call, Abigail Chandler, Sadie Fraser-Read, Justin Garcelon, Jenna Grant, Alfred Griffin, Willow Gould, Briana Hatch, Anna Helstrom, Emilie Jacobson, Benjamin Jensen, Whitney Larson, McKenzie Lawrence, Alison Shaw, Joshua Smith, Jacob Thibodeau

Class of 2021

High Honors: Mathew Albert, Hannah Crocker, Emma Frost, Patrick Gonyer, Colby Kelley, Tiana McDougall, Olivia Rice, Ivan Tibbetts, Autumn White, Ty Wright

Honors: Tayla Caruso, Megan Cormier, Annabelle Danner, Sophia Dunn, Cameron Gooley, Megan Hathaway, Alex Hewitt, Mackenzie LaBlanc, Brooke Lunt, Tabitha McClure, America Noonan, Hayden Nutter, Colby Paquette, Ambur Perkins, Acadia Reece, Jade Tyler, Graydon Watson, Hunter Weeks

Class of 2022

High Honors: Emily Champney-Brown, Alexis Gibson, Julia Viani

Honors: Annie Bickerstaff, Bayley Casavant, Sage Cole, Alexyss Curtis, Britni Grant, Cassidy Hanson, Miah Ireland, William Libby, Abigail Young